About TashBear

I visited Libearty bear sanctuary in 2019 and was deeply saddened by each bear’s tragic story suffered at the hands of some human beings.  However, I was also overwhelmed at the incredible work that Cristina, Paula and her team had achieved to give these beautiful creatures a second chance of life, a life that had been denied for too many years. The sanctuary gave me reassurance that there is still some good in this world. Whereas other sanctuaries can be driven by money, the sanctuary’s focus is on ensuring the bears are given as much tranquility as possibility by keeping visitor numbers limited.  I found it so refreshing to visit a sanctuary whereby the bears welfare comes first!

My visit to the sanctuary left such a deep impact on me that on my return home, I made the decision to help them in any way I could.    

I started off by designing with the support of my husband, a few items which I sold just to family and friends.  However I wanted to seek out the real supporters like myself who would feel passionate about both supporting and raising awareness of the sanctuary . 

If you have not visited the sanctuary then I urge you to in the future, it really is such an inspirational and moving experience that will change your life.